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Hello Everybody!Spring is upon us which brings us warmer days, flowers blooming, birds singing and a renewed spirit…

I recently came across an article that talks about the Travel & Tourism Industry on Covid-19 ,to which I very much share their sentiments and would like to add my view.

Travel and Tourism are important Economic drivers for South Africa, contributing to approx..1,5 million jobs, R425 Billion to the Economy, representing 9% of all Economic Activity in the Country, making us the largest tourism economy in Africa. These are stats I read so please do not quote me as accurate, but you get the gist of my point…

Taking the above into consideration, I believe the Travel Industry will recover sooner than we think, as we are currently in the rebuilding phase and looking forward to our community returning to work. It is going to be a long road to full recovery ,but we are resilient and know exactly what it takes.

We have seen so many economy crises and pandemics in the past , dating back to as early as 2014 with Ebola outbreak which saw a sudden drop in tourism ,but through all these ups and downs, we prevailed.

Why we will recover? By our very essence as human beings we are adventurous, explorers, curious and always looking for the next best thing.We also suffer from selective and short memory, ”remember the Tsunami that hit the shores in Thailand and we vowed never to travel to an island again, it wasn’t long we were planning our next holiday to an exotic island”…

This disruption to the Industry has changed us for the better, as we look to innovate, create new ways of servicing our clients, creating new products and adapting.

To all our colleagues and partners who were adversely affected, we are optimistic that there will be more opportunities in the coming months. To those that love the industry and have ventured into new industry paths, we look forward to a possible return.

In conclusion, we look forward to creating lifelong memories with those travellers who had to cancel or postpone their trips and special events.

God Bless!

Haniel Travel